2015 Supercharged Stingray – 680hp

Check out this new C7 Stingray we just pumped up over 680hp!

2016 Z06 – ADV1 MV2 CS Wheels

No, that's not a fighter jet, it's a 2016 Z06 Corvette outfitted with a custom set of ADV1 Wheels and Pirelli Tires!

Custom Built 2003

Totally Custom Supercharged 2003

2013 427 Convertible Build

This low mileage 2013 427 Corvette Convertible from Virginia left here with over 650 HP.

2012 Camaro SS – i-1 Supercharged!

We outfitted this 2012 SS Camaro with Procharger's new i-1 Programmable Supercharger System.

Performance & Power with a focus on Our Customers

Located in West Chester, PA, CC Performance specializes in all aspects of vehicle modification.