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2015 Supercharged Stingray – 680hp

Check out this new C7 Stingray we just pumped up over 680hp!

360 Forged Wheels on C7 Z06

Check out the Carbon Fiber 360 Forged Wheels on this New C7 Z06!

HRE Flowforms on a C7

Check out HRE’s new Flowform Wheels installed on this 2014 Stingray!

2012 Camaro SS – i-1 Supercharged!

We outfitted this 2012 SS Camaro with Procharger’s new i-1 Programmable Supercharger System.

NEW!!! C7 Z06

We snapped some pictures of our customer’s new C7 Z06 for your visual enjoyment.

A&A Supercharged C5

Wild, Fully Built C5

Dyno Tuning 2012 CTS-V

Check out the gains made on this 2012 CTS-V Coupe!

Custom Built Hogan Intake Manifold

This is a one-of-a-kind Hogan Intake Manifold we had built for our 2010 Camaro Project.

Engine Build Teaser

Here are some teaser shots of the engine build for our 1,300-HP 2010 Camaro!